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Come collaborate with us, be part of the skinmade family & become an expert in personalized skincare

You owe a beauty salon, or manage one, and would like to add some extra value to your range of products and treatments? You fancy natural personalized skincare products? Get in touch and become a partner of skinmade. Mail:, phone: +49 (0) 711 50092128.

Your distinguishing feature to be: skinmade‘s skin reading system developed with Fraunhofer Institute.
We are very much looking forward to getting to know you!
Find out more in our meet skinmade booklet (download here)

Partner up – how to

  1. You get your skinmade skin reading system, a workshop how to use it and another one about skinmade‘s style of consultation.
  2. Consult your customers and test their skin with your own skin reading system - start selling personalized products.
  3. We receive the results from each of your skin reading, make an individual facial cream out of it, freshly produce it and send it directly to each customer: fresh, fast and fully automated.
  4. Within 2 days the 100 % personalized skincare product will arrive at your customer‘s home.
  5. We share the revenue of each product sold and ensure you receive payment every month.


  • No storage
  • Skinmade worldwide owes the highest degree of personalization in skincare
  • Each product is individually & freshly produced
  • Scientifically developed skin reading system (Fraunhofer Institute)
  • Skin tracking: through regular skin readings (every 4-6 weeks) it‘s about the journey to (re-) recreate the skin’s natural balance
  • Dermo-pharmaceutical workshops and assistance by our researches included (e.g. Ask Dr.Lars Rüther)
  • Marketingmaßnahmen
  • Marketing & POS material on top
  • . . .