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1. your skin reading

We (skin) care for you! That’s why our beauty consultants measure distinct biomarkers on the spot, for instance your skin’s elasticity, moisture and fat content, to determine what your sensitive skin needs in order to be in its natural balance.

2. your formula

We take the results - measured by our corneometer® CM 825 and sebumeter® SM 815 systems - and compose your clean personal skincare product from scratch with natural and body-specific ingredients – optimally aligned to your skin’s current needs.

3. made by your skin & you

We listened to your skin to mix your lotion, now it’s up to you to choose its texture - rich or light - and its scent: from flowery to no sent at all. Whatever you prefer, feel free to choose what’s best for you.

4. production

The best thing about it: to provide a product without unnecessary preservatives and harmful ingredients, we produce your personalised facial lotion freshly and self-made.


100 % individual, 100 % you. There is no other skin like yours – we listen to it

5. apply your cream

Support your skin with the care it currently needs to keep it satisfied.