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Personalized face care made by your skin.

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personalised face care
made by your skin

skinmade skincare is about recreating your skin’s natural balance – a state of self-healing and regeneration. With the help of our skin readings, we measure exactly which ingredients your skin currently needs to get there.

We measure your skin and our measurement device shows us exactly which ingredients your skin currently needs.

Based on this measurement our artificial intelligence calculates your individual formulation and your individual care-product is being produced.

Due to the fact, that we freshly produce your facial lotion we can guarantee a product without unnecessary preservatives and harmful ingredients.

our product philosophy

100% individual

Your skinmade products are optimally aligned to your skin’s needs.

100% individual


When it comes to ingredients, research & development and production we take our responsibility towards planet earth by heart.


Body’s own ingredients

We use the body’s own natural ingredients – therefore our skincare products are easy to take to.

Body’s own ingredients

No animal testing

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No animal testing


our skincare is free from animal products and free of ingredients tested on animals.


Natural cosmetics

We prefer to make use of nature and the body’s own distinct ingredients.

Natural cosmetics

skinmade development

We are our own experts and developers due to our expertise in dermatological skincare (Dermatest) and personalised products (Fraunhofer IPA).

skinmade development

Self-made & fresh

Thanks to our artificial intelligence and developers skinmade products are self-made and freshly created.

Self-made & fresh

Made in Germany

Our personalised skinmade products are manufactured in Germany – by technology developed and designed in Germany too.

Made in Germany


1. where and how to get my skinmade products

For your own personalised facial lotion, we do a personal skin reading to check your skin’s current condition - on the spot. So please visit your skinmade beautician next door or your nearest Douglas store (that offers skinmade products) personally . Moreover, there are currently 20 skinmade beauty consultants Germany-wide and one in Dublin. Check-out “your skinmade” for further information.

2. skinmade on my skin

Your skin’s natural balance is where the healing and regeneration happens best. That’s what we are aiming for and why we examine your skin to measure exactly what ingredients it currently needs to get back into its natural balance.

3. your skin reading


We measure the two most important biomarkers of your skin: your moisture and fat content.


We measure your skin directly – on three different spots: your forehead (T-zone), your cheek (U-zone) and your corner of your mouth (labial angle). Like this, we cover different areas of your face.


With the help of our measuring probes, which are approved scientifically as well as dermatologically, we do your skin reading, not invasive, but by lightly touching your skin on its surface. One of our skinmade consultants will be with you all the time.


Since the condition of your skin changes due to your lifestyle, age, season and so on its best to do a skin reading each time you buy a new creme That’s how we make sure that your products optimally aligned to your skin’s current condition.


Each biomarker is measured three times to get a precise result. It takes about three minutes only.


Yes, you get insights on your skin’s current condition. Your consultant will explain the meaning of your results relating to our aim: your skin’s natural balance where it heals and regenerates best. In addition to that, we will compare your results to former ones – if you have done more than one reading already - to see and talk about the effects on your skin.

4. your formula

Why personalised?

Our knowledge about high-potency personalised formulas that deeply improve your skin’s condition are based on scientific research from the Fraunhofer Institute and Dermatest. Due to the results of our scientific research, we know which ingredients positively affect distinct skin conditions. The ingredients are always optimally aligned to your skin’s current condition and produced freshly.

Which ingredients we use?

Even personalised formulas are only as good as the quality of each ingredient. Therefore, we only use certified and high-quality natural ingredients and endogenous substances. Like this, we guarantee a high bioavailability. We are convinced to purely nurture the skin with exactly what it needs – no more, no less. The ingredients are different from person to person and skin reading to skin reading. You can check your individual ingredients before your product is manufactured.

5. personalised skincare

Can you choose your ingredients?

In terms of the combination and concentration of your ingredients we strictly follow the objective and precise results and calculations of your skin reading – therefore they can't be chosen by you.

What can I choose myself?

The scent (e.g. waterlily) – even if you don’t want any - and the texture of your cream is totally up to you. The latter depends on whether you prefer rich and thick or fluid and light.

6. The production of your facial lotion

Where we produce?

Right after your skin reading has been done, your cream is freshly manufactured in Stuttgart – where we are based – and sent to your home within 2 days! Fancy a highlight? Go visit our mini factories in Berlin, Frankfurt and Sindelfingen where your cream is produced in-store and given to you right away: it only takes 10 minutes and you can even watch it being made.

How long does it take to produce my cream?

Thanks to our patented process of production, we are able to freshly produce each cream in Stuttgart and deliver it to your home within 2 days after your skin reading happened.

7. price

The price of your skin reading + your personalised facial lotion is 33 Euro for 25 ml, postage included.

8. How to apply your cream

Is my cream tested?

Our products are dermatologically tested and approved.

How to use your facial lotion?

It’s best to apply your personalised cream morning & evening on your cleansed face.

How long do I need to apply the cream?

Your cream lasts for approximately four to six weeks. As soon as your jar is finished, we advise you to get another skin reading to see the results and for us to mix a new formula: fresh & optimally aligned to your skin’s current needs.